New foam earplug dispensers, a heavy duty ladder and next-level safety gloves were among the top occupational safety and health products featured on this week.


Cotterman® is pleased to announce the introduction of the Super Heavy Duty WORKMASTER™ rolling metal ladder. Built with extra heavy duty components, this ladder is resistant to most dings and bumps in harsh work environments and boasts a 1,000 lb. load rating and is available in 5 to 12 step models.


PIG® Clip-&-Go™ Bag Carrier

New Pig has introduced the industrial strength PIG® Clip-&-Go™ Bag Carrier for easy and convenient carrying, storing and pouring of loose absorbents.


From Saf-T-Glove

Jaguar PU5 1137

Jaguar PU5 1137 is made with UHMWPE high performance yarn which provides CE Cut Level 5 protection, and meets EN388 European Standards.


From Saf-T-Glove

The JagTouch JFT 1182

The JagTouch JFT 1182 coated glove provides better grip in dry, wet and oily conditions, as well as superior wear and solid resistance to abrasion.


From Saf-T-Glove

The Jaguar SV5

The Jaguar SV5 cut resistant sleeve is made from UHMWPE high performance yarn and provides CE Cut Level 5 protection.


From Saf-T-Glove

The Jaguar 1160

The Jaguar 1160 seamless black polyester glove stretches for excellent dexterity and breathable comfort. The shell dries faster than cotton or nylon, and the black polyurethane (PU) coating offers good abrasion resistance.


Radians' new patent pending foam plug dispensers are a game-changer for easy and economical dispersal of earplugs

Radians just launched their new patent pending Disposable Foam Earplug Dispensers that are available with two of their popular Made in the USA foam plugs, the Resistor and Detour.