South Progress LLC apparently isn't making much progress in protecting its employees from fall hazards. OSHA  inspectors, acting under the agency’s Regional Emphasis Program on Falls in Construction*, found South Progress employees doing framing work without fall protection at a residential community in Santa Rosa, Florida.

Multiple times, different work sites

OSHA issued the construction company one willful safety citation for allowing employees to work from heights up to 23 feet without fall protection equipment. The agency has issued South Progress repeat citations for a lack of fall protection multiple times at different Florida work sites since December 2013.

"Production over safety"

"South Progress has a history of violating OSHA's fall standards and is fully aware of the dangers of working at elevated heights without proper protection," said Brian Sturtecky, OSHA's area director in Jacksonville. "When your business model places production over safety, eventually it will result in an employee being severely injured or killed."

Proposed penalties this time around are $70,000

South Progress specializes in residential and commercial framing.