SonicAire®, formerly known as Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES), announces new executive leadership. Jordan Newton has transitioned to become the Vice President of Innovation and Engineering overseeing SonicAire fan design and engineering. John Sanders, former head of sales for the Northeast region, has become the Vice President of Sales and Marketing responsible for SonicAire sales teams and marketing efforts.

“Newton will oversee the development of our products, ensuring that SonicAire fans continue to comply with U.S. and international standards,” said Brad Carr, President of SonicAire. “Newton’s creative approach to engineering procedures promotes an environment of ingenuity and entrepreneurship, as we strive to remain on the cutting edge of providing innovative solutions for our clients,” said Carr. “Sanders will manage and support sales functions, coordinating sales efforts with marketing strategies and directives. With a wealth of skills and leadership experience that equip him to take SonicAire to the next level, Sanders has a proven track record in communicating our brand identity in the marketplace,” said Carr.
“Having Newton and Sanders transition into these roles allows us to continue creating remarkable equipment,” Carr said. “Their character and competence keeps us pushing the status quo and producing ingenious solutions for our customers. We are excited to see our company grow under the direction of these two exemplary men.”
Newton is a Professional Engineer with experience in forensic engineering from Accident Reconstruction Analysis and experience as a project engineer from Underwriters Laboratories. Newton joined SonicAire in 2010, advancing to become Vice President of Engineering and Sales.
Sanders began his twenty-nine year career with Andersen Windows in sales, rising to serve in executive sales and management roles. In 2010, Sanders founded and became co-owner of Portco Automation & Marine. Sanders joined SonicAire as the head of Northeast sales in 2014.

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