Hughes Safety Showers Ltd. joins the Justrite family and brings an extensive line of emergency showers and eyewash safety products, and experience in servicing customers’ safety needs.

“Hughes is a perfect complement to Justrite in both product and geographical fit. The two businesses create a stronger industrial safety company that will better serve our global customer base,” stated Mark McElhinny, Justrite President and CEO, “With our history of delivering quality products for storing and handling hazardous materials, it makes logical sense to enhance the offering, and with Hughes, there is no better way.”

Paul Darlington, the longtime Hughes Sales and Marketing Director, now promoted to Managing Director, will oversee the business based out of Stockport, England. Russ Guffee, VP and GM for Justrite Engineered Solutions, will work with Mr. Darlington and lead the North American business. By working directly with customers to provide an engineered product, and continuing to support its industrial distribution base, Hughes covers the regulated safety environment for the workplace, whether it be developed or remote regions.

The Hughes products include:

  • Eyebaths and Eye/Facewashes– both portable and plumbed‑in units to enable continuous flushing with clean cool water.
  • Indoor Emergency Safety Showers– includes light-, medium-, and heavy-duty showers that range from wall and ceiling mounted to free-standing models.
  • Tank Showers– temperature controlled showers for extreme climates where it is necessary to maintain tepid showering temperature or provide a warm environment.
  • Outdoor Heated Safety Showers– emergency drench showers – jacketed and pre-insulated showers where there is a possibility of the water inside freezing or overheating due to extremes in ambient temperature. Temperature Controlled Showers and Shower Cubicles are used especially in low ambient conditions to deliver warm water for over 15 minutes to avoid the casualty going into shock.
  • Mobile and Portable Safety Showers– for use in remote locations where water supply is unavailable or unreliable.
  • Decontamination Showers– emergency and effective decontamination where personal-protective equipment is worn. Decon showers provide 360-degree water flow for thorough coverage and cleaning.

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