An innovative approach to dust collection, stylish workwear and a hazloc LED strip light were among the top products featured on this week.

Larson Electronics reveals new design for remote controlled pan tilt base

Larson Electronics, a leading industrial lighting company, announces the release of a newly designed remote controlled pan tilt base that provides an adjustable and stable platform for lights, cameras, and other electrical equipment. 


Inspired to solve a customer’s dust problem

A Problem with dust. Auto body repair is quite the dusty experience. And, the dust isn’t just messy – it could lead to air contamination. “A proactive way to capture dust has always been a customer need,” says Luiz Daniel Borges, 3M senior product and application developer.


TSI introduces the AirAssure PM2.5 Indoor Air Quality Monitor

TSI Incorporated, a global leader in reliable particle measurements, expands its innovative line of indoor air quality monitors with the introduction of the AirAssure™ PM2.5 Indoor Air Quality Monitor. With its unique auto-zero function, the AirAssure Monitor takes PM2.5 measurements where others don’t with unsurpassed, reliable accuracy in a simple design.


Helly Hansen beats the boredom out of workwear with modern, professional-grade designs

2016 Chelsea collection helps workers stay and feel alive

The construction industry consistently modernizes through new technologies, better-trained workers and improvements made in operational procedures, yet workwear, the most fundamental aspect of jobsite comfort and performance, has remained stale for generations. Heavy denim, cotton jackets and ordinary t-shirts continue to dominate worksites despite their inferior performance attributes and limited durability.