OSHA's Regional Office in Seattle and the U.S. Forest Service's Pacific Northwest Region have signed an alliance to share information, guidance and access to safety and health resources related to the rights and responsibilities of workers and employers. The alliance's goal is to help improve the safety in the workplace by enhancing USFS' safety training programs for supervisors, safety committee members and safety personnel. The training curriculum will enhance field and firefighter hazard recognition, and develop personnel protective equipment selection expertise for both OSHA and Forest Service employees.

The alliance is for a two-year term.

"OSHA's alliance with the U.S. Forest Service sets in motion a great partnership that will help ensure the safety and health of workers in the great forests of the Pacific Northwest," said Galen Blanton, OSHA's acting regional administrator in Seattle. "We welcome and applaud the Forest Service's commitment to preventing its workers from suffering injuries and illnesses."