Larson Electronics has experienced significant expansion in to the film entertainment industry with their latest appearance in the new Universal action film, “Fast and Furious 8” starring Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson.

Larson Electronics’ line of industrial grade lighting equipment has proven to be a popular choice among set designers and film production specialists due to their high performance and modern designs. The company’s HAL-TL-1X10W-C-PA LED signal stack light equipped with an audible alarm will be used on the set along with their EPL-TL-2X10W-C explosion proof dual color traffic light.

The hazardous location signal light with an audible horn from Larson Electronics is a Class 1 Division 2 LED stack light that is approved for use in hazardous environments where flammable gases, vapors, and dusts are occasionally present. A single 10 watt LED lamp and an 110dBA audible horn make up the construction of this durable signal light. The lamp is available in an optional red, amber, blue, green, or white color output producing approximately 1,000 lumens of light. The audible horn provides operators with up to five different tones reaching a peak output of 110dBA, providing a powerful tone output that can be heard over industrial operations. The light housing is constructed of a non-metallic polymer that is chemical resistant and flame retardant while the horn is made of fiberglass. The unit can be operated on 120 volts or 240 volts AC and the wiring connection is made through a ¾” NPT conduit access hub. 

The dual color explosion proof traffic light is rated Class 1 Division 1 for use in hazardous areas where flammable gases and vapors exist. These traffic lights are typically used for industrial refueling stations and manufacturing facilities to indicate process status. Each light’s housing is constructed with a polyester powder coated copper free aluminum casting that can withstand 1,490 pounds PSI hydrostatic pressure. The two 10 watt LED lamps in this unit are protected by Pyrex globes and cast aluminum globe guards. The mounting plate for this unit is constructed of non-sparking aluminum and can be customized to certain specifications. This explosion proof indicator light has a 50,000 hour operational life, operates on 120 to 277 volts AC, and carries a T3C temperature rating.  

“Larson’s line of lighting equipment expands beyond industrial and oil field applications with numerous appearances in large films” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics. “We are pleased to find our line of high grade lighting equipment chosen for use in the demanding detail and performance-oriented environment of Hollywood film making.”

Larson Electronics has expanded by adding film and entertainment lighting categories to better serve the entertainment industries. To learn more about Larson Electronics’ lighting equipment, visit their website at or contact them at 1-800-369-6671 or 1-214-616-6180 for international inquiries.