The occupational keynote Tuesday, October 19 will focus on workplace violence and what workplaces can do to prepare themselves. The speakers are Carol Cambridge, CEO of Violence Free; Carri Casteel, MPH, PhD, President-Elect Society for Advancement of Violence and Injury Research Associate Professor, Department of Occupational and Environmental Health University of Iowa; Kevin L. Foust, Chief of Police & Director of Security, Virginia Tech Police Department; Juliann Sum, JD, ScM, Chief of Cal/OSHA.

Recent tragic events have forced workplace violence into the American spotlight. All workplaces can do more to ensure they are prepared for workplace violence when and if it happens. At this session, you’ll hear from experts who will help you better define workplace violence (it’s not just active shooter), identify at-risk employees, and develop strategic and systemic countermeasures to protect your people. Join us for this informative session and ask our panel the questions you need answered to help you prepare for or even prevent these unspeakable events.