From August 22 – 24, 2018, Suntec Singapore will host OS+H Asia 2018, The Occupational Safety + Health Exhibition for Asia. Since its first staging in 1998, the event has established itself as a unique platform for occupational safety and health development in Singapore and the entire ASEAN region.

OS+H Asia 2018 will be organized by Messe Düsseldorf Asia, a subsidiary of Messe Düsseldorf in Germany, renowned for the management of A+A - the leading international trade show for personal protection, security and health at the workplace, held every two years in Germany.

OS+H Asia 2018 will present the latest in occupational safety and health solutions, technologies and products across diverse industries and sectors. Key exhibit categories are health at work, professional safety equipment, workplace ergonomics, crisis and emergency management as well as fire protection, safety equipment and environmental protection.

Target groups of OS+H Asia 2018 include experts from the field of occupational safety and safety management, facilities and site managers, administrators and managers, specialist stores, human resource officers and industrial purchasers as well as personnel and supervisory boards and emergency services personnel.

Over the last few years, many ASEAN member countries have made rapid progress in raising OSH standards as governments in the region step up workplace safety policies. By 2018, Singapore aims to reduce the national fatality rate to less than 1.8 per 100,000 workers according to WSH2018 – the National Strategy for Workplace Safety and Health. Thailand has also launched their “Safety Mind” project in order to establish workplace safety.At OS+H Asia 2018, the growing need for workplace safety and health products in addition to the government and industry’s regulations will be reflected by about 200 international exhibitors and leading brands. As a highly targeted event for occupational safety and health professionals, the trade fair will offer exhibitors the opportunity to access the growing ASEAN occupational safety market.

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