The National Transportation Safety Board opened the docket today for its ongoing investigation of a fatal 2015 lane crossover collision of an amphibious passenger vehicle into a motorcoach and three passenger vehicles on the Aurora Bridge, in Seattle, Washington.

The public docket contains only factual information collected by NTSB investigators, and does not provide analysis, findings, recommendations or probable cause determinations. No conclusions about how or why a crash occurred should be drawn from the docket. The docket opening marks a transition in the investigative process where the majority of facts needed for the investigation have been gathered and the NTSB can move ahead with analysis of those facts. Opening the docket affords those with a need and desire for its contents the opportunity review what factual information has been gathered about the crash. Any analysis, findings, recommendations, or probable cause determinations related to the crash will be issued by the Board at a later date.

The docket for this crash investigation contains interview summaries, investigative group factual reports, relevant photos, maintenance records, and a video study from a surveillance camera that captured the final crash sequence. Five passengers on the motor coach died and multiple injuries were reported from passengers on both the motorcoach and amphibious passenger vehicle.

The NTSB also released the preliminary report for this accident Nov. 3, 2015.

The docket material is available at: