By Brandon Hagen

Recently, an exciting and exclusive agreement between Safety Marketing Group (SMG) and Safeopedia has paved the way for a new strategic partnership between two thought leaders in the safety industry. Together, the partners plan to develop a virtual encyclopedia (aka:Wiki), where critical information and knowledge is both cultivated and housed; ultimately becoming the go-to source for the safety industry. As one of the most respected sources of safety information on the web, Safeopediahas been geared exclusively towards providing easy access to information regarding health and safety, with the goal of reinforcing safe practices and preventing unnecessary accidents. With SMG members positioned to be the primary providers of content for the expansive safety library, the ultimate goal is to be the number one source of information for Environmental Health and Safety (EHS).

Safeopedia already boasts an impressive platform:

  • Dictionary: Other than a glossary of terms, this tool will include insights, real world examples and other resources
  • Articles: SMG members will share their expertise in various parts of the safety industry
  • Handy Q&A: It doesn’t matter if you are a supplier, distributor or an end-user, a Q&A section will be there to answer any EHS question that is asked
  • Software directory: Safety Software directory will help guide user towards the right software to meet their safety needs
  • Safety training directory: Help locating safety training in your area
  • Safety meeting topics: Find the right topics and information for tool box talks
  • Informative webinars: Helpful webinars covering a variety of safety topics including compliance, products and training

The key addition that SMG members will be providing to this list is the Product Directory. While SMG members will be contributing content on everything listed above, they’ll also be helping to develop informational pages on product categories. This directory will contain rich information and educational content geared towards helping end-users understand the dangers of their applications and the steps necessary to address those dangers. Even more valuable will be the end-user’s ability to contact a SEE certified professional to help them answer any outstanding questions.

What does this mean for members?

Members of SMG will be the sole contributors of expert product information to Safeopedia. When experts in the field share their knowledge and experience with others in the industry, it ramps up their visibility. Members of the group that contribute articles will have the ability to develop into industry thought leaders. When you are more visible and more trustworthy; you are more marketable. Plain and simple.

Other benefits for members will include the presence of banner ads on Safeopediafor all content contributors leading to credible marketing opportunities, as well as powerful inbound lead generation through end-user traffic.

Not only is this a benefit for the individual distributor, it strengthens brand authority for the group as a whole. By partnering two trusted leaders in safety and creating a comprehensive online encyclopedia, the membership is positioned to become the most respected authority of safety information found anywhere in the world.

Now Safeopedia’s rich foundation in safety knowledge, combined with SMG’s long history of promoting excellence through education creates a partnership like no other.

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