Welding can take its toll on your body, not only the occasional burn, but also the sore back, tired arms, tender elbows, and aching knees. Black Stallion® provides relief with their versatile new SmashPad™ Flame-Resistant Welding Mat.

The SmashPad™ helps to alleviate the aches and pains associated with kneeling, sitting, and leaning during long welding runs. Foam cushioning provides supportive comfort, while the 15-ounce flame-resistant fiberglass outer shell resists sparks. The 30-ounce silicone-coated top surface is twice as thick, providing greater protection against sparks and spatter, with extra tear and abrasion resistance.

The SmashPad™ is designed to keep you comfortable while kneeling during a long welding session.  Place it directly on the floor, with the red heavy-duty surface facing up. You can double the cushioning comfort by using the SmashPad™ in its folded position. 

Position the SmashPad™ between you and a hot surface for comfort and protection while leaning.  And, the SmashPad™ can be used as an arm prop to reduce hand and arm fatigue. It can even be used for temporary shielding. Stand it on end and position it like a mini welding screen to keep sparks contained or to keep a light breeze at bay.

The 16” by 19” mat folds in half for convenient storing and features a carry handle for easy transporting. The SmashPad™ is secured with flame-resistant hook and loop fasteners. These fasteners allow you to connect two or more SmashPads™ together to create an extended padded and protective surface.

The new SmashPad™ from Black Stallion® is available through independent welding and safety distributors nationwide. Details and information about Black Stallion® products, including the SmashPad™ can be found at www.blackstallion.com.

About Black Stallion®

To showcase one of the best known glove brands in the welding industry, Revco Industries, Inc., is now known simply as Black Stallion®.  Based in Santa Fe Springs, California, Black Stallion® is a leading glove and protective apparel company with over 42 years of service to the welding and industrial sectors. The company designs, develops, and distributes a full range of innovative protective wear nationwide through welding supply distributors, tool and hardware retailers, and equipment rental dealers.  More information about Black Stallion® and its products can be found at www.blackstallion.com.