Rockford Systems, LLC., a premier provider of machine safeguarding products and services, is bringing added safety to the factory floor with a new line of non-contact magnetic switches that ensure a machine's chip deflection shield is properly positioned between the operator and machine's point of operation hazard while running. Chips are very sharp and can cause serious, sudden injuries to the operator without the shield in place.

"In the event a protective shield is out of position, our switch will prevent the machine from starting," said Matt Brenner, Vice President of Sales for Rockford Systems, LLC. "In addition, if the shield is moved out of position while the machine is running, the safety switch will send a stop signal, preventing use until the shield is moved back where it belongs."

Rockford Systems Magnetic Safety Switches (parts #CMC097, #CMC098) are versatile for use on slide or swing-open style machine shields. They offer non-contact reliability along with tolerance for limited misalignment between the switch and the actuator. They are "reed-type" meaning they utilize magnetic actuation. When a shield is closed, the magnetic actuator makes contact with the switch, creating a high intensity field that allows the machine to be started when the operator is ready. Upon detaching, the safety contact opens, the power is interrupted and the machine turns off.

Brenner further points out that the switch can be used for certain barrier guard and perimeter guard applications. That means that when an electrically interlocked barrier guard is moved out of position or while a perimeter guard access door is open, the machine will not start. And like with the shield, if a guard is moved out of position while the machine is running, a stop signal is sent, preventing its use and exposure to machine hazards.

Magnetic Safety Switches are purpose-built for industrial environments. They are resistant to the shock and vibrations of heavy machinery plus offer a high level of prevention against tampering. In addition, they are water-resistant, making them ideal for areas where hygiene is critically important. The switches meet CE and UL approval.

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