CMC Rescue is excited to announce a new partnership with Harken Industrial as an official distributor of the company’s breakthrough Winches for rescue and rope access operations, and the PowerSeat Ascenders, ideal for work at height.

Weighing in at just 4.2 kg (9.3 lb), the LokHead Winch is highly portable, allowing its use in a variety of applications including tripods, mobile applications, or attached to anchors or fixed to structures—anywhere  a load needs to be safely lifted or lowered. The LokHead’s design uses an innovative braking system provided by its captive, self-tailing head, to automatically hold the load if the rope is accidentally released. The LokHead creates a simple, safe, secure system ready to be deployed for a multitude of rescue and load handling operations with an unlimited length of line.

The LokHead Winch can be driven manually with the handle provided. Or, operators can use a power drill for mechanical assistance, hauling higher loads, reducing fatigue, and making more efficient use of time on site. The LokHead winch offers a 40:1 power ratio and two gears.

The Riggers Winch provides the user with a lightweight, CE certified, portable winch mounted to a robust adapter plate. The two-speed 500 model weighs just 7 kg (15.4 lb). Its maximum rated load of 4.90 kN maximizes operator pulling power by up to 40 times. Multiple mounting options provide versatility when working in challenging or remote environments.

Sean Cogan, Sales Manager for Harken Industrial says, “Whether working at height, performing a rescue in a confined space or hanging from a crane, safety is paramount. Both The LokHead and Riggers Winches are light and really easy to rig. The LokHead was designed it to reduce fatigue and provide a lot of power to get the most of the operator’s strength and is a significant addition to our existing product range.”

Jason Lusk, Product Manager for CMC Rescue says, “We are excited to add the LokHead and Riggers Winches and the PowerSeat to our product line. We think these tools will help revolutionize rescue and rope access. We’ve proven they save time and energy and help users work more effectively than they can with other product options.”

This strategic partnership combines Harken Industrial’s cross-market innovation and long-standing reputation for building high-end load-handling equipment, with CMC Rescue’s trusted name in the rescue and rope access industries. Both companies anticipate this move to have a positive impact on the evolution of life safety and work at height operations.

About  Harken  Industrial:  For over 50 years, Harken  has built its reputation  on quality  products  developed, tested, and used in the most extreme marine environments. These products have dominated the performance yacht equipment market for decades. Drawing on this experience, Harken Industrial designs and manufactures a broad range of high-end load-handling apparatus including winches, pulleys, linear motion track systems, and roller furling equipment. For further information visit

About CMC Rescue: As a globally trusted name in rescue for almost 40 years, CMC Rescue has served the fire service, rescue and rope access industries, and more recently, the worker safety/fall protection market, through our innovative products and training. As an employee-owned  company, CMC proudly manufactures  most of its products domestically in its ISO-certified Santa Barbara facility. For more information visit