Expanding its popular and successful Jet-Kleen™ series of blow-off guns, Specialized Safety Products (SSP), a division of the A.W.T. World Trade Group, is pleased to introduce the Jet-Kleen Limited, an economical alternative to compressed air systems including many of the same features that have made the Jet-Kleen series such a resounding success.

The new Jet-Kleen Limited Blow-Off System provides safe and effective removal of residues--such as dust, fibers, water, and particulate matter-- from people, surfaces, and work environments, at a fraction of the cost of compressed air systems. Responding to demand for a more economical model of their popular Jet-KleenTM, SSP developed the Jet Kleen Limited to deliver the many of the same features in a smaller, more cost-effective package.

The Jet-Kleen Limited utilizes a blower-driven system to deliver a high volume of air at an ultra-safe 1.9 psi, which is an effective pressure rating for many industrial applications. The safe alternative to compressed air, which can contain oil and particulate matter, the Jet-Kleen Limited provides clean air at low noise levels and is also safe for use in most institutional settings.

Some standard features of the original Jet-Kleen, such as the wall-mount bracket, swivel disconnect, and chip guard, are offered as options with the Jet-Kleen Limited, allowing you to select only those features suitable for your operation.

The Jet-Kleen is ideal for companies seeking to improve efficiency and employee safety. Although safe for individual use-it can be aimed directly at bare skin-the Jet-Kleen still delivers a powerful volume of oil-free, clean and dry air that quickly and effectively removes moisture. Compressed air contains dirt, oils, and water, so it actually emits the very substances a user is trying to remove. Additionally, using compressed air through a tiny aperture is time-consuming compared to the Jet-Kleen's nozzle opening of more than half an inch.

Other manufacturers have tried to duplicate the success of the Jet-Kleen series, but no other products can match the Jet-Kleen's proven quality and consistent results. To learn more about air gun performance without the dangers and costs of compressed air systems, check out the new Jet-Kleen Limited click here.

For more information on the Jet-Kleen™ system, contact Specialized Safety Products, 4321 N. Knox Ave., Chicago, IL,: 773.777.7100, sales@specializedsafetyproducts.com or visit www.specializedsafetyproducts.com for a direct link to more detailed product information.

About Specialized Safety Products

Specialized Safety Products, maker of the popular Jet-KleenTM series of personal blow-off and drying systems, provides cost-effective safety solutions to a wide range of industries and institutions. S.S.P. is part of the A.W.T. World Trade Group, the world's leading manufacturer of screen printing machinery, equipment, parts, and supplies. Headquartered in Chicago, with offices in Florida and Europe, the A.W.T. World Trade Group includes A.W.T. World Trade, Inc., Graphic Parts International, Inc., American M&M, General Cylinder Press, Specialized Safety Products, and Saturn Rack. Together these affiliated companies offer state-of-the-art products and customer service, backed by worldwide distribution and technical support.