Technology has become embedded into almost every activity in our day-to-day living. From the moment we wake up, to the moment we go to sleep, so many parts of our day are impacted, and made easier by technology. Whether it’s the navigation in our cars, smartphones, or wearable tech, we’re constantly utilizing technology to improve our lives.

In addition to providing positive changes in our personal lives, technology has continued to disrupt traditional workplaces, it also allows us to have information at our fingertips to help our businesses grow at a faster rate of speed. As companies see the benefits of utilizing technology, they have also seen it can have a tremendous positive effect on workplace safety.

Impact on the workplace

As the speed of change accelerates with technology, it has revolutionized almost every aspect of business life. From the way people manage their work, to the way they network, technology has changed the way we interact with colleagues, and other businesses. In the past, networking used to take place only in person. Today, people have the ability to connect with likeminded individuals around the world, through LinkedIn and other social media channels.

Finding a job no longer requires picking up a newspaper and door knocking. Instead, you only need an email address and a Google search. Technology has made the impossible, possible. It allows for employees to telecommute vs. spending hours in traffic. Colleagues in different offices, cities, and countries can connect on-line regardless of distance or time zones, they can work together seamlessly within virtual offices, even sharing responsibilities. Technology has also led to the development of new jobs that never existed a decade ago. There has been a huge increase in jobs focused on developing new tech, as well as maintaining and providing security for technological advancements.

One the most important outcomes of increased use of technology within business is that it has allowed for a more efficient workplace. People are able to work faster and smarter. It has also revolutionized customer service as customers can interact with companies through numerous channels, and their experiences can be tracked and measured in an efficient and concise fashion.

Positive changes in safety & health

New technology is making workplaces around the world safer each and every day. Electronic drive logs have had a positive impact on the industrial transportation industry. Truck drivers that are on the road for many hours are able to share their mileage, speed, and gas with their employer. Although this may not seem to affect their safety, it actually helps employers monitor their drivers and therefore impacts the safety of those on the road with them.

Technological advancements have also had a positive and important impact to track employee safety. For example, workers that are required to work in alone, remotely, or that are at high risk professions, can quickly engage and communicate with people if they are in danger. Companies are also starting to explore wearable technology that can track biometrics to monitor key data points such as heart rate and exposure to toxic materials. These initiatives allow employers to manage their employee’s safety more effectively.

Technology is also impacting what we wear to work. PPE is now made with fabrics that are lightweight, have moisture wicking capabilities and are made to withstand extreme climate conditions.

Ergonomic office equipment has been greatly influenced by technology. This includes, office chairs with proper lumbar support, and desktop solutions that can reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. Ergonomics combined with technology advancements have the remarkable ability to increase employee productivity and healthfulness.

There are numerous products on the market that are designed to make workplaces a healthier and happier environment. Footwear technologies are advancing workplace safety, such as the innovative ability to scan each worker’s foot and recommend the correct footwear and insole to provide the best level of support and cushioning based on the worker’s foot size and arch type. This type of technology is truly revolutionary, as it takes the guesswork out of designing a safety footwear and insole program.


Technology is constantly changing and evolving. These changes provide employers with new opportunities and challenges. The traditional workplace cannot survive without embracing technology. There are endless ways to incorporate positive changes with technology into any business, whether it’s hiring new employees, growing your company, keeping current employees safe on the job, or promoting a healthier workplace, technology offers endless solutions for every endeavor.