New Pig, the number one brand that helps companies manage leaks, drips and spills to protect workers, facilities and the environment, is excited to be a part of ASSE’S “Safety 2017” exposition, June 19-22 in Denver, CO.

Show attendees are invited to come by Booth #448 to learn about PIG Grippy Floor Mat (patent pending), the world’s first adhesive-backed absorbent mat. Learn why it can help facilities reduce slip, trip and fall claims by up to 90%. New Pig’s product experts will be on hand (on site?) to demonstrate how Grippy never shifts, ripples or flips over like most rental mats. Grippy stays flat and tight to most common commercial floor surfaces, but peels up easily. Interlocking fibers make Grippy extremely durable. It’s built to withstand forklift traffic, so it’s more than capable of taking daily abuse in entrances, aisles and walkways.

“Placing this mat in wet, slippery or fall-prone areas helps eliminate trip, slip and fall accidents,” said Tim McMillen, New Pig Product Manager. “It’s not going to budge and it’s easy to clean, too. Sweep, vacuum or scrub — it stays in place during routine floor scrubbing or buffing.”

New Pig is proud to be one of the many great companies whose products have made a difference in the safety industry. For more information about New Pig, Grippy Mat or any of our products, please visit or call 1-800-HOT-HOGS