Polartec, the premium provider of innovative textile solutions, will exhibit at the National Safety Council (NSC) Expo––the world’s largest annual gathering of safety professionals––in Indianapolis, Ind. September 25-27, 2017. At NSC, following many years of development work with the U.S. Military and workwear markets, Polartec will introduce new fabric collections specifically engineered for contractors, electricians, and oil and gas professionals.

Each collection features Polartec fabric technologies that serve daily on-site work performance needs without inhibiting everyday comfort or style. They include advanced thermoregulation fabrics for hot and cold environments, with performance knits and finishes like Polartec® Hardface® enhanced durability.

The Polartec Workwear collections:

The Contractor Collection from Polartec brings reliable comfort, lasting performance and all-day style versatility to today’s demanding work environments.

The Electrical Collection from Polartec brings a full system of flame resistant (FR) and hi-viz certified protection fabrics needed by today’s lineman and electrician workforces.

The Oil & Gas collection from Polartec brings a full system of dual-hazard FR and hi-viz certified protection technologies suited for today’s oil and gas professionals.

“The workwear market is filled with heavy, stiff and uncomfortable clothing that doesn’t manage moisture well,” says Doug Kelliher, Polartec VP of Product Management. “Recognizing how this can be a burden in the workplace, we saw an opportunity to develop fabrics specifically for modern workers, to keep them safe and comfortable in or out of work.”

About Polartec Workwear
Polartec Workwear fabrics are developed, tested, and proven to perform above and beyond national safety certifications. Nothing leaves the Polartec research and development labs for external testing until our own standards for durability, strength, and comfort have first been met. Higher standards in both design quality and FR performance are what make Polartec the number one choice on challenging worksites around the globe.

About Polartec
Polartec is the premium provider of innovative textile solutions. Since inventing modern synthetic fleece in 1981, the engineers at Polartec continue to advance the science of fabric, creating fabric technologies that solve problems and improve the way products are designed and used. Polartec products range from lightweight wicking and cooling fabrics, to insulation and weather protection textiles, and are utilized by leading consumer brands, the U.S. Military and other global militaries, flame resistance, workwear, and contract upholstery markets. For more information, please visit Polartec.com and follow Polartec on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.