In a finding that could have special significance for smaller construction firms, researchers have determined that insurance loss prevention (LP) representatives – who are often a low or no-cost benefit for insurance policyholders – can help reduce the overall incidence of lost-time injuries.

The study in the Journal of Safety Research concluded that: “LP reps appear to be a valuable partner in efforts to reduce injury burden. Their presence or contact with policyholders is consistent with reduction in overall incidence of lost-time injuries.”

Workers' compensation data were utilized to track LP rep contact with policyholders and incidence of lost-time injury over time. Compared no LP contact, one contact was associated with a 27% reduction of risk, two with a 41%, and three or more contacts with a 28% reduction of risk.

LP reps have access and contact with businesses and employees and are able to provide targeted safety and health resources.

Construction firms, especially those with fewer than ten employees, are a high-risk population. These small firms of fewer than 10 employees comprise one-fourth of the construction industry; yet, they experience one half of the fatal injuries (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), 2009).

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