The Sentry retractable belt stanchion from US Weight stands above the competition making it simply the best value you can buy.

What makes the Sentry so desirable?

First, the post and base are made in the USA from a tough, durable high density polyethylene. A Sentry post doesn’t easily dent, scratch or rust. A few hard knocks won’t stop a Sentry while most competitive posts will scratch, rust and dent.

5-second assembly is another Sentry innovation. You don’t need tools. Just a firm push and the Sentry is ready for duty. With our Hold Tru technology, leaning and wobbling of the post is not an option. This reinforced shoulder stabilizes the pole against the base for a sturdy and permanently straight stanchion.

The “universal” belt clip fits virtually all makes and models of stanchions currently in the market.

The Sentry comes with a premium 6 ½ foot woven belt. The retractable belt has a safety braking system so the belt slowly retracts back to the stored position.

Should you ever have to replace the retractable belt cassette, it can be removed by unlocking 4 tabs found at the bottom of each cassette receiving end. The replacement will slide and lock in to position.

The Sentry’s Duracast base is strong and built to last. Filled with a very high-strength concrete (VHSC), this base can withstand the toughest conditions.

Worried about floor rusting or skid marks? The Sentry comes with six non-marking, nonskid rubber feet, that not only prevent rust and scratches, but also act as an airway for wet floors to dry faster.

Versatile, durable and a dream to setup, Sentry is the best value you can buy.  Buy Sentry, Be satisfied.