New workplace safety and health issues continue to emerge around the relatively new fields of nanotechnology, advanced materials, and additive manufacturing, which makes updated on information a challenge for safety professionals and others.

Because many people turn to Wikipedia for information, scientists with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) gathered with “Wikipedians” from across the Midwest to expand and improve Wikipedia articles about nanotechnology OSH.

They did this on October 19, which was, not coincidentally, National Nanotechnology Day.

The result? NIOSH says that by days end, Wikipedians expanded the articles of dustiness, the health and safety section of 3D printing, and a draft on engineering controls for nanomaterials.

The NIOSH Nanotechnology Research Center coordinated the event and collaborated with the Manufacturing and Engineering Control Program to provide a broad perspective.

NIOSH issued its thanks to the Wikipedians for their help.