We offer safeguarding seminars at our location, safeguarding seminars at your location, and free monthly webinars.

Safeguarding Seminars

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NOTICE: The seminar price will be $995 effective Jan 1, 2018.  Lock in the 2017 price ($895) by registering before December 31, 2017.

For many years, Rockford Systems has been educating corporations throughout the world on machine safeguarding. Every year, hundreds of people attend these seminars from aerospace, automotive, agriculture, consulting, government, insurance, manufacturing, metal fabrication, oil and gas, and many other industries. Attendees include EH&S safety directors, plant managers, maintenance and engineering personnel, safety specialists, loss-control engineers, risk management personnel, safety consultants and academics.

Immediate Benefits

  • Understand how to safeguard your machines to meet the standards and best safety practices
  • Determine the best types of safeguards for your applications and production requirements
  • Learn what OSHA looks for during inspections
  • Gain insights on how to incorporate ergonomics into your safeguarding methods
  • Obtain safeguarding resources which can be used after the seminar

Seminar Overview

According to safety standards, when a machine creates a hazard to operators and other employees in the machine area, it must be safeguarded. Rockford Systems offers a machine safeguarding seminar to teach people in positions of responsibility how to safeguard the point of operation and other machine hazards to meet these safety standards. This 2.5-day seminar explains how to interpret the performance language of both OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards. Specific machine safeguarding situations are also discussed. Another section of the machine safeguarding seminar provides basic safeguarding guidelines for other metalworking machines using the ANSI B11-series safety standards. Please see the Detailed Seminar Agenda for more information.

2018 Seminar Schedule

Register for any of these safeguarding seminars at our HQ Training Center or contact us to train at your site:
Jan 16-18
Feb 20-22
Mar 20-22
Apr 18-20
May 15-17
Jun 19-21
Jul 17-19
Aug 21-23
Sep 18-20
Oct 16-18
Nov 13-15
No Dec seminar

2017 was our first year offering webinars and the feedback we received was tremendous!  Thank you to all who participated. Past webinar recordings can be viewed on our website or YouTube channel.

In response to your requests for MORE webinars, we are pleased to announce monthly "mini webinars" which will be free 30-minute webinars that will help you to better understand how to safeguard your machines to meet or exceed OSHA 29 CFR regulations, ANSI B-11 and NFPA 79 safety standards. In so doing, you will learn how to keep your company in absolute compliance, reduce insurance costs, and help prevent employee accidents on metal working machines.  Attend these mini webinars if you use lathes, grinders, robots, press brakes and/or power presses in your operation.

More "mini webinars" will be announced throughout 2018.


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