StaffConnect, provider of the award winning enterprise mobile employee engagement platform, today announced that Nice-Pak International Ltd., the world's most innovative wet wipe manufacturer, has deployed its StaffConnect platform to optimize employee communications, in order to eliminate cross-departmental boundaries, streamline job functions, improve productivity, and consequently improve end customer satisfaction, while also building greater job satisfaction and a winning team atmosphere.

In Europe alone, Nice-Pak International produces over 670 million packs of wet wipes each year and employs over 950 people across its three facilities in the UK and Germany.  Employee engagement has long been a priority for Nice-Pak, as demonstrated by its above industry-average tenure of service, with 57 percent of its employees having more than 10 years of service.  Consequently, Nice-Pak has been honored by the Top Employers Institute for four years running, for the conditions that it has created for its people.  However, like many successful organizations, it has experienced growing pains and was keen to maintain its standards as a leading employer. 

Customer service has always been a top priority for Nice-Pak.  However, as the company has grown its workforce has become ever more geographically distributed, as well as internally distributed - its team being made-up of those working at a desk and those working on the manufacturing floor.  Key to customer service is being able to identify and contact the ideal person to see to a customer's needs.  However, due to the company's explosive growth, many employees were not familiar with each other or each other's responsibilities, which in turn impacted productivity and customer service.  An intranet was employed, but proved to be impractical and ineffective due to the fact that it was inaccessible to those working most/all of their day on the factory floor.  The intranet was then enhanced with communication screens and notice boards, but again, Nice-Pak recognized that even when combined, these methods had limited reach. 

Nice-Pak then turned to the StaffConnect mobile app platform - easily and securely accessible by every employee from their smart device - as the ideal solution for breaking down barriers, and for maximizing reach, communication and engagement across its entire workforce.  Co-driven by the Marketing and HR functions, Phase 1 launch is focused on outreach to employees, and includes deployment of the following key features:

-        News: Broadcasting company news and important announcements directly to all employees

-        Library: Providing access to important company documents, manuals, guides and other corporate collateral

-        Directory: Providing access to employee profiles and contact information

-        Tickertape: Highlighting important news and announcements directly to the app home screen with a scrolling tickertape

-        Events: Detailed promotion of company events, with the ability to link to relevant event information and registration

Upon completion of a successful Phase 1, Phase 2 of the StaffConnect deployment will focus on providing employees with the ideal platform for two-way communication - the employees will be able to receive information, as well as individually communicate and share information.  During Phase 2, features such as: Communities will be employed, encouraging employees to share updates, images and videos, as well as comment on posts; and Chat, for instant and secure individual and group inter-company communications, as well as other key features.

"StaffConnect will help us to achieve our key internal goals which include increasing job satisfaction and maximizing productivity," said Ian Anderson, Marketing Director, Nice-Pak International Ltd.  "This will be accomplished by maximizing awareness of structure, roles and responsibilities, across our multi-site operation, while making all reference materials easily searchable and accessible by all employees, regardless of geography or job function.  In turn, not only will our employees reach their full potential and maximum job satisfaction, but this in turn will translate to superior customer outcomes."

"Nice-Pak's history of dedication to employee satisfaction is exemplary and award winning.  We are therefore delighted to be partnering with a leading employer that truly values their workforce and that we passed their rigorous requirements review with flying colors," said Geraldine Osman, Vice President of Marketing, StaffConnect.  "The StaffConnect mobile app platform will enable Nice-Pak to deliver an enhanced employee experience, providing the resources for each employee to grow and reach their full potential, and to know they are important and valued - after all, actions speak louder than words."  

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Founded in New York in 1957, Nice-Pak products Inc. has expanded rapidly over the past three decades.  In 1987, Nice-Pak International Limited was established in the UK with the aim of developing wet wipe markets in Europe. 30 years later, its business continues to thrive.  Its product offerings are designed for the family and home; and includes baby wipes, cosmetic wipes, moist toilet tissue and household cleaning wipes.  To learn more, please visit:

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