Aclipsa Mobile Video Solutions, LLC. announced today the availability of a new mobile app that enables companies to safely share confidential video training and secure documents with their employees and team members anywhere in the world.

The VEROCOMM mobile app for iOS and Android devices is designed to protect the health and safety of workers while the online video management platform is built for companies that need control, flexibility, visibility and proof of viewership.

VEROCOMM enables companies to help prevent incidents and accidents by delivering content to their teams and sending communications instantly and securely. All videos, documents, and training sessions have the option of requiring an e-signature verification for proof that a persona completed required training.

The VEROCOMM Platform is designed for companies that need control of content delivery, flexibility for who sees what, and visibility to app user analytics. Companies can add users, schedule distribution to the intended mobile devices, set viewer deadlines, verify who watched how much of which videos, and remove any content from a user’s app at any time.

"The VEROCOMM app increases consistency and reinforced micro-learning while reducing training costs,” said Larry Martel, CEO of Aclipsa. "Companies that can benefit include those who have employees and seasonal workers around the world and in multiple locations."

The App

The easy-to-use iOS and Android apps are designed to protect the health and safety of workers by enabling them to access their company's training and internal messages anytime, anywhere. Content can be assigned viewing deadlines. This automatically color-codes activities in the app to alert users that yellow means there are upcoming deadlines and red mean training activity is overdue. Employees can text questions to their company about specific training activities, which helps clarify and speed up the training process.

The VEROCOMM Platform - How It Works

The online management platform helps companies drive accountability by offering them control, flexibility, visibility, and proof of viewership. Employees will be invited to download the mobile app from the platform.

Each company can define their departments, divisions, and positions. This streamlines the control to send specific content to all employees, specified groups or individual team members.

Administrative rights can be assigned ranging from "uploading only" rights to "super administrative" rights that include generating analytics, viewing individual and group performance, generating reports, and archiving.

With the VEROCOMM Network, companies can schedule video and document distribution, set notifications, verify who watched how much of which videos, remove any content from a user’s app at any time, and require a signature as proof of viewership.

“Companies have peace of mind knowing that by delivering their video and documents through our mobile apps, employees train at their convenience and go home safely,” said Steve Michels, Founder and Managing Partner of Aclipsa.

Key Features and Benefits of VEROCOMM:

  • Control - Content can only be viewed by the users invited to download the app.
  • Flexibility - Choose who has access to which videos and documents and for how long.
  • Visibility - See who viewed what. See what percentages of each video were watched.
  • Proof & Reporting - Require an electronic signature to prove viewership and generate usage reports.

About Aclipsa

Founded in 2009 by Steve Michels, Aclipsa Mobile Video Solutions, LLC. is dedicated to developing services and products that protect the video of its customers. Aclipsa’s platform and products are built on the foundation of privacy, security, and ease-of-use.

The VEROCOMM brand-able app and Network - built on the Aclipsa Video Platform - delivers streaming video, documents, and texts to iOS and Android mobile apps in a secure and protected environment.

Dedicated to the mobile workforce and micro-learning, VEROCOMM proudly strives to reduce worker injuries and save lives by continually improving their mobile training solutions. 

To get started, a company needs only their logo and organizational database for VEROCOMM to create their dedicated platform.