According to CAGR market research released in December, 2017, one trend in the market is multiple functionalities of arc flash protection equipment. The latest trend in the market is safety equipment with multiple functionalities, i.e., apparel and safety equipment that are not only used for protection against arc flashes but other hazards as well. Vendors offer arc flash protection equipment with a combination of high visibility and flame-resistant (FR) capabilities, providing protection against multi-hazards.

According to the report, one driver in the market is growth in construction industry. The arc flash protection equipment will gain significantly due to the growth in the construction industry during the forecast period (2017-2021). The construction industry accounts for major accidents and fatalities from arc flashes as workers must deal with electricity-based activities. Arc flash protection equipment is used in the construction industry as workers are in continuous contact with the electric circuitry of machines, tools, appliances, or light fixtures.

The report states that one challenge in the market is low consumer compliance. PPE is an integral equipment that protects employees against hazards in various industries. Comfort and fit issues of such equipment may vary according to the individual, which have contributed to the lack of compliance among users. The issues of comfort and fitting, along with the lack of knowledge, remain the key challenges for the vendors in the market.

Bottom line: The arc flash protection equipment market report provide in depth research including definitions, segmentation, applications, key players, market drivers and market challenges.

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