The annual meeting of hearing conservation and noise experts, members of NHCA, will be held next month at the Caribe Royale Orlando, FL.

NHCA was formed in June of 1976, at that time designated as the Hearing Conservation Association. The founders of NHCA were mainly audiologists and otolaryngologists who were concerned with the serious problem of noise-induced hearing impairment resulting from occupational exposure to noise. The Association was created to provide a forum where others of similar persuasion could share information and gain increased insights regarding occupational hearing conservation. Today the members includes audiologists, engineers, industrial hygienists, safety professionals, physicians, nurses and others.

The keynote of this year’s meeting is, “The ear beyond hearing: from digital earplugs to in-ear brain computer interfaces.”

Other presentations include:

• “Knowing your noise can change attitudes to hearing health and increase likelihood of healthy hearing behaviours: Evaluation of a HEARsmart project;”

• “Hidden Hearing Loss? Effects of recreational noise on evoked potential amplitude and other auditory test metrics;”

• “Hearing protector attenuation and noise exposure among metal manufacturing workers;”

• “Kids nowadays hear better than we did;”

• “The Department of Defense Comprehensive Hearing Health Program: A Pilot Study;” and

• “Cardiovascular Conditions, Hearing Difficulty, and Occupational Noise Exposure within U.S. Industries and Occupations.”

Online registration is open until Feb. 14.


Source: National Hearing Conservation Association