Products to protect workers from falls, arc flash hazards, heat and toxic gases are among the top occupational safety and health products featured on this week.

Radians continues aggressive growth in hand protection market with the launch of ten new gloves

February 16, 2018

Radians, a global leader in safety solutions, recently launched ten new gloves. They have been aggressively adding new glove styles since 2015, growing their product offering by 300%. According to Bob Kelsey, Radians’ product manager for hand protection, “We want to be the company that safety professionals turn to for durable, comfortable, and affordable work gloves that satisfy a variety of job site applications.

From Portacool

A modern cooling marvel

February 16, 2018

The new Portacool Hurricane™ 360 is a modern cooling marvel. This evaporative cooler combines high velocity and state-of-the-art, patent-pending cooling technology to provide impressive temperature drops.

New full brim hard hat/face shield combination kit from Honeywell

Protects against arc flash danger while offering maximum comfort

February 15, 2018

Honeywell announces the North Zone™ full brim hard hat/face shield combination kit with advanced ergonomic and safety features that protect a utility worker’s most important asset—the head.

Streamlight® introduces ProTac® HL 5-X USB

Brightest addition to tactical light series offers 3,500 lumens, multi-fuel options

February 15, 2018

Streamlight® Inc., a leading provider of high-performance lighting and weapon light/laser sighting devices, introduced the ProTac® HL 5-X USB rechargeable system, the newest and brightest addition to the ProTac® series of tactical lights.

New earplug dispenser from Honeywell Howard Leight™ features simplified mounting with multiple dispensing and refilling options

February 15, 2018

Protecting workers from harmful noise on the job is an important component to worker safety programs. Honeywell (NYSE: HON) has released a new earplug dispenser for commercial-industrial use that makes it easier than ever for companies to achieve better hearing protection for their employees. The Honeywell Howard Leight HL400 dispenser offers more choices to serve a wider range of situational needs; for example, it can accommodate the full line of Howard Leight disposable earplugs, has more built-in, flexible mounting options, refills easier and dispenses in multiple ways.

Cementex announces highly protective, comfortable UltraLite series

Industry-leading, lightweight task wear meets ASTM standards and increases user comfort

February 15, 2018

Cementex, a national leader in the manufacture of electrical safety solutions, announces the release of the updated UltraLite Series of Arc Flash PPE Task Wear, designed to combine comfort with complete safety. Available in both 11- and12-cal/cm2 and 40 cal/cm2, the UltraLite Series is ideal for a wide range of uses.

ATEK Access Technologies offers Mat Graphic Inserts for Larco safety mats

February 14, 2018

ATEK Access Technologies is proud to offer Mat Graphic Inserts for its Larco industrial safety and presence sensing mats that can be customized with any image. The material properties for Mat Graphic Inserts reflect many of the same properties as those found in the Larco industrial safety mats, including impact resilient, unparalleled durability and versatility.

Honeywell introduces real-time safety monitoring of industrial workers as part of Honeywell connected plant

New wearable gas detector solution integrates with Honeywell’s leading plant control system to protect workers and speed up emergency response

February 14, 2018

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announced a new solution for real-time safety monitoring of workers in plant and remote operations. Honeywell Connected Plant Skills Insight Personal Gas Safety helps to protect lives and enable faster response in case of hazardous leaks or worker injury.

Product news from EXAIR:

Air gun with variable flow from the squeeze of a trigger

February 14, 2018

EXAIR’s new VariBlast® Compact Safety Air Guns are a small and lightweight cast aluminum air gun capable of handling tough jobs. Because of the engineered variable flow trigger they are able to produce light, medium or heavy force upon a target simply by pulling the trigger. This comfortable and ergonomic air gun has two ¼ NPT air inlets and a storage hanger for convenience.

Stereo Optical launches three stereotests including LEA symbols

New tests to screen young children add to extensive product line

February 14, 2018

Essilor Instruments today announced the launch of three stereotests including LEA Symbols, the Original Stereo Fly, Butterfly, and Randot®, by its Stereo Optical division. Stereo depth perception tests are an effective and easy-to-use method of screening stereoscopic vision for all ages.

Streamlight® debuts 18650 USB lithium ion battery with integrated charging port

USB battery that reinvents rechargeability

February 14, 2018

Streamlight® Inc., a leading provider of high-performance lighting, introduced the Streamlight® 18650 USB lithium ion Battery with an integrated micro USB charging port. The battery transforms multi-fuel, high-performance lighting tools into rechargeable systems, providing an alternative to disposable CR123A batteries.

HySafe's Ladder Protector Kit

February 12, 2018

Our Ladder Protector Kit helps the worker safely transition away from the leading edge when the roof is accessed by ladder. This kit is the perfect addition to any Guard Rail or Permanent Warning Line system.