A floor hand was caught between a pipe handling catwalk machine and a stanchion post on the drill floor of a dynamically positioned drillship. The operation at the time of the incident was picking up pipe from the pipe handling catwalk machine, making up at the rotary table, and running in the hole. The floor hand was positioned in a step-back area adjacent to where the pipe handling catwalk machine enters / exits the drill floor.

The floor hand moved out of the step-back area and stood next to a stanchion post adjacent to the pipe handling catwalk machine with his back to the well center. As the catwalk operator moved the catwalk machine away from well center, the floor hand was caught between the platform of the catwalk machine and the stanchion post. The floor hand subsequently died from his injuries.

The immediate cause of the incident was the employee was caught between the loading platform of the catwalk machine (moving object) and the stanchion post (stationary object).

All installations should review this Safety Alert with all personnel, including discussions on proximity to danger:

• Review arrangements and markings for Restricted Access / Safe Areas. Ensure such areas consider line of fire and proximity to danger, as well as clear access into and out of the area.

• Review all moving plant and machinery for similar caught between and proximity to danger hazards. Ensure Controlled / Rig Procedures and Risk Assessments reference the presence of such hazards.

• Review the presence and positioning of manually-activated emergency stop buttons on moving plant and machinery.

• Consider the use of proximity barriers to prevent personnel access to areas where plant and machinery is moving.

• Consider audible and visual alarms for plant and machinery that moves.

Source: International Association of Drilling Contractors