The AIHce EXP offers a few late-night sessions to spark discussion and engagement away from the busy daytime conference activities. One such session is “The Silent Tsunami: Understanding Mental Health and Psychosocial Disorders in the Workplace,” In this “after-dark” session, attendees can expect to discuss ways to increase awareness of the issues and management of change to improve the morale, culture, and human expectations.

When it comes to health and safety in the workplace, one of the most crucial topics is understanding mental health and psychological disorders in the workplace. The signs of mental health concerns in workers aren’t always obvious but the numbers don’t lie: Mental health and psychosocial disorders are now considered the third largest healthcare cost below heart conditions and cancer. This discussion will be led by Mr. Bernard Fontaine, CIH, CSP, FAIHA.
Fontaine told AIHA that: "Mental health and psychosocial disorders should no longer be taboo but rather more mainstream in conversations with stakeholders, and recognizing the added business value that industrial hygienists can bring to the management of business. We cannot ignore these issues as being unrelated, but how business needs to get done."