The Consumers' Association of Canada says it will urge the Canadian Senate to include mandatory medical supplies when it deliberates on legislation that could lead to a new airline passenger bill of

The suggestion was sparked by an incident aboard a WestJet flight from Hawaii to Calgary in which an elderly man died after suffering a medical emergency.

The flight left Honolulu late at night on March 7 and was scheduled to land in Calgary the morning of March 8. Midway through the trip, flight attendants were overheard asking if there was a doctor or nurse on-board.

A woman on the plane who identified herself as a nurse was led to a passenger seated in the middle of a row near the front of the plane who appeared to be in his 80s.

The flight crew was told to get an AED (automated external defibrillator) and the crew was seen searching overhead bins. It was around 10 minutes before the AED was located.

Source:  CBC News