HexArmor has partnered with the first worker-powered Internet of Things (IoT) safety platform, Corvex Connected Safety. This platform helps reduce the risk of injury and accidents while drastically increasing the return on investment of safety programs. HexArmor and Corvex are currently pilot testing the platform with several personal protective equipment (PPE) products.

“From the beginning, HexArmor has been focused on redefining safety with the latest technology to transform workplaces, which is why we’re excited to be the first PPE manufacturer to partner with Corvex. With communication tools in the hands of workers, safety and compliance is viewed from the ground up, not from management down,” explained Steve VanErmen, President, and CEO of HexArmor. “We’ve always been a company to work side-by-side with the men and women who get the job done. This digital enhancement to PPE elements and safety communication hits close to home with our core mission of sending every worker home safe, every day.”

Collectively, the “IoT” refers to billions of physical devices around the world that are connected to either the internet or a network’s internal intranet, collecting and sharing data.

Corvex is the first IoT solution in the safety industry that helps create a safer workforce. This is done through real-time internal information sharing within a company via a wearable safety device that focuses on site awareness, risk management, compliance, safety communications and employee engagement.

The Corvex system is customized to each companies’ specific needs so they’re able to observe safety analytics, measure and react to hazardous situations, and address and adjust as needed. Data and analytics are private and observed and measured only by the company implementing the technology.

“HexArmor has been looking at how technology can interface with workers and the PPE they wear for years. We’re excited that we’re on the forefront of helping to empower workers and safety managers in their mission to zero injuries,” VanErmen added. “This partnership allows us to look at integrating sensors and communication devices into our PPE solutions for customers so that they’re able to communicate in real time and take control of their safety.”

For additional information about the partnership, please contact Todd Mellema, HexArmor's Chief Revenue Officer, at todd.mellema@hexarmor.com.

About HexArmor®

Founded in 2004, HexArmor is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan with a mission of sending every worker home safe, every day. Co-founded by Steve VanErmen and Brent Lohrmann, HexArmor has defined the market for high-performance cut, puncture and needle resistance. It also leads the industry in hand impact protection. In 2016, HexArmor partnered with a German-based personal protective equipment manufacturer with over 90 years of experience to offer safety eyewear in North America. HexArmor employs more than 150 safety professionals who work hard each day to solve difficult safety problems for leading companies in oil and gas, construction, energy, lumber, pulp and paper, transportation and other industrial segments. To learn more about HexArmor, visit HexArmor.com

About Corvex Connected Safety

Corvex puts the power of connected safety in the hands of workers resulting in engaged workforces and more effective safety management programs. The Corvex Connected Safety Platform uses IoT technology and real-time information to achieve the first truly proactive, predictive approach to safety. To learn more about Corvex, visit CorvexSafety.com