Drones have thoroughly worked their way into a variety of non-business uses, from videotaping weddings to capturing beautiful images of scenic tourist attractions, so it’s likely that they are also finding their way into the nation’s favorite summertime holiday.

The Federal Aviation Agency wants drone operators to keep safety in mind. Know the aviation safety rules while flying your drones and celebrating the 4th.

Here are general guidelines for people flying drones:

  • Don’t fly your drone in or near fireworks
  • Don’t fly over people
  • Don’t fly near airports

Drones aren’t the only items that could cause Independence Day-related problems. Airline passengers are being reminded that there are strict rules prohibiting fireworks on domestic or international flights, so:

  • Don’t pack fireworks in your carry-on bags
  • Don’t pack fireworks in your checked luggage
  • Don’t send fireworks through the mail or parcel services

Passengers violating the rules can face fines or criminal prosecution. When in Doubt…Leave it out!

For more information on the passenger rules for fireworks and other hazardous materials, please go to www.faa.gov/go/packsafe/.  Leave the fireworks at home–Fireworks Don't Fly poster (PDF).

To learn more about what you can and can’t do with your drone, go to faa.gov/uas or download the B4UFLY app for free in the Apple and Google Play store.