More than 350 organizations are already signed up to participate in this year’s Safe + Sound Week, which will take place August 13-19 – but there’s still time to get involved. Safe + Sound Week is a nationwide event to raise awareness and understanding of the value of safety and health programs that include management leadership, worker participation, and a systematic approach to finding and fixing hazards in workplaces. The focus is on proactively identifying and managing workplace hazards before they cause injury or illness, improving sustainability and the bottom line. OSHA says that participating in Safe + Sound Week can help get your program started or energize an existing one.

How to Participate

To get started, select the activities you would like to do at your workplace. You can host an event just for your workers or host a public event to engage your community. Examples of potential activities and tools to help you plan and promote your events are available. After you've completed your events, you can download a certificate and web badge to recognize your organization and your workers.

If your business is looking for ways to get started, OSHA’s Safe + Sound Week for Any Schedule guide outlines activities your organization can do if you have a day, half day, or just an hour to engage your workers. Register now to get your organization on the map.