Sensidyne, LP, a trusted supplier and manufacturer of industrial health and safety instrumentation and accessories, announces a new best-in-class in calibration device. The Gilibrator 3 advances air sampling calibrator technology with new capabilities that set a gold standard in calibration integrity, performance, and data reporting. As a Primary air flow calibrator by NIOSH definition, this highly innovative product delivers NIST traceability through Sensidyne’s ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

The Gilibrator 3 offers StablFlow™ technology that provides constant low back pressure to the device being calibrated. Sensidyne has combined this with patent pending pulse-free valve technology to ensure calibration integrity. This patented technology equalizes the pressure on the pump, providing minimal disturbance of the airflow, delivering fast and accurate calibration—within 1% of reading. Another patent pending innovation is; an air cushioning design, which prevents damage to the flow cell piston. Unlike competitor dry cell calibrators, the Gilibrator 3 uses a fixed sensing array, which eliminates the potential for misalignment of photo sensors, and provides many more data points to ensure a very high degree of accuracy.

The Gilibrator 3 provides an onboard superior user interface with a full color, touch screen display, and digital keyboard for data input. The touch-screen color display remains visible in direct light, working with fingers, a stylus, and gloves. User defined fields enhance record keeping ability to maintain continuity between the sample and the calibration data. The Gilibrator 3 deluxe kit comes with 3 dry flow cells, addressing calibrations from 5 cc/min to 30 LPM. Add convenience and save cost with these interchangeable flow cells that are easily transportable in an accompanying carrying case. Kits are also available for any combination of the base unit and flow cell ranges.

The Gilian CONNECT PC app (available in Q4 2018) will be compatible with the Gilibrator 3 for data retrieval, record keeping, and statistical analysis of data. The Gilibrator 3 can generate and store printable calibration reports, eliminating the need for pen and paper. The calibrator base can store up to 100 time-stamped calibration events in its on-board memory. This allows for calibration data to be reviewed in a report screen or exported for later retrieval. The Gilibrator 3 also includes an onboard, removable SD Card, allowing for external archiving in both CSV and bitmap formats, printing, and data indexing.

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