A CO2 gas monitor, a gate to keep workers safe from pallet drops and breathable cut resistant gloves were the top occupational safety and health products featured on ISHN.com this week.

From CEA Instruments, Inc.

New GD-888 now monitors all ranges of carbon dioxide

The brand new GD-888 SERIES of portable, infrared carbon dioxide gas monitors can measure full ranges of carbon dioxide (CO2) up to 1% in 10 ppm increments, 10%, or 100% Volume. Standard accessories include a battery charger, AC power supply, tubing, and operation manual.

Wildeck, Inc. launches Pallet Drop Zone Safety Gate

Provides increased safety for moving palletized loads

Wildeck, Inc. is pleased to introduce the newest addition to its family of material handling products, the Pallet Drop Zone (DZ) Safety Gate. This new product, equipped with a double-sided gate, offers maximum protection to workers accessing large pallet loads at elevated levels.

Ergodyne’s new cut-resistant gloves answer common worker complaints

They’re breathable, cool to the touch and boast the best oily/wet grip available (along with “pick a dime off the floor” dexterity). In other words, Ergodyne’s new ProFlex® ANSI Level 4 Cut-Resistant Gloves leave workers with no excuse.