A motion picture company has been issued a serious citation by OSHA for an incident in August 2018 that left a stunt man hospitalized for weeks with serious injuries.

The agency says Eye Productions, Inc. failed to protect stunt coordinator Justin Sundquist from hazards while filming the CBS television show MacGuyver in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia. Sunquist fell from the back of a vehicle that was traveling at approximately 18 mph, according to OSHA. News reports said his head injury was so severe that part of his skull had to be removed to relieve pressure on his brain. Sundquist was in a coma for several days and is still undergoing rehabilitation.

Eye Productions Inc. faces proposed penalties total $9,472.

"This incident underscores the requirement for employers in the entertainment industry to implement better safety practices to protect actors and stunt persons from serious injuries," said OSHA Atlanta-West Acting Area Director Keith Hass.

Sundquist was previously injured on the set of CBS’s Hawaii Five-o when he was struck by a stunt car.