At Malta Dynamics, we not only manufacture high-quality safety equipment, we also want you to know how to inspect and use each piece properly to prevent injury. While it sounds pretty easy to just put on a harness before you start work for the day, the process to actually don this important safety equipment is quite extensive.
To help you along, we’ve created a video with a step-by-step process outlining what you need to do before slipping on that harness.
Here are a few highlights:

  1. As soon as you pick up the harness, perform a pre-use inspection that includes checking the fall indicators for damage, inspecting the readability of the OSHA labels, scanning the harness from the top down, and visually examining that all grommets are in place.
  2. Thoroughly inspect the webbing for cuts, tears or abrasions that can reduce the effectiveness of the safety harness.
  3. Once you’ve completed the inspection, it’s time to get to work putting on your harness.
  4. Just as you would put on a shirt, slip the harness over your shoulders and make sure the back D-Ring is located on your back in between your shoulder blades.
  5. Work from the bottom up to secure the harness to your legs, making sure you have the right, snug fit that allows for a full range of motion.
  6. Move on to the chest strap, again ensuring you have a snug fit, and secure any excess webbing.

That’s not all, though. Learn much more about how to properly don your harness by watching this video, created just for you.
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