Baron, the worldwide provider of critical weather intelligence, announces a new weather forecasting model available immediately in the company’s Baron Threat Net, Baron API, and broadcast products. Weather models are produced via intense computer analysis using known and projected atmospheric conditions and current sensor readings. The result is a forecast projected out a set number of hours. Baron’s new model offers predictive weather parameters 66 hours into the future, at 3km resolution, in hourly intervals. The model also runs a second set of parameters 90 hours into the future at 15km resolution. The computer analysis performed to create the modeled forecast products is run 4 times a day.

Bob Dreisewerd, Vice President of Development at Baron, described the goal of the new model: “First and foremost was accuracy. We wanted a more accurate weather model than we currently deliver to our customers…we feel we’ve achieved that.” The new model’s chief improvements are in its increased accuracy and higher resolution, all done at a nationwide level. The model’s increased accuracy comes from Baron’s own science, implemented to enhance the leading US forecast model. Running at a 3km resolution nationwide, the new model also offers a higher resolution than the majority of other models. Higher resolution provides a greater visual appeal and improves the model’s performance and precision.

In addition, Baron’s new model also features more weather products than the old model – including over 25 different weather data parameters. Some of these weather products include:

Products applicable to daily risks, such as temperature tracking, heat index, humidity, visibility, and others. For example, the heat index product can be applied to help maintain the safety of students, outdoor workers, and athletes during summer months.

Products focused on rain and rain-related hazards, such as rain and freezing rain accumulation forecasts, cloud cover forecasts, and more. For example, the freezing rain accumulation forecast product can aid municipalities in preparing for inclement road conditions via closures or properly timed road pre-treatments.

Products focused on winter weather, such as wind chill, wind speed, snow and ice accumulation forecasts, and more. For example, the wind chill product can help users know in advance when to open homeless shelters and warming stations to keep people safe from dangerously cold conditions.

Products focused on severe weather, such as lightning forecast, hail forecast, storm strength, severe weather potential, and a rotation risk forecast. For example, the wind speed product can help emergency managers focus resources to areas in which trees or power lines are more likely to be downed by wind.

Baron’s new model is available immediately to Baron API and Broadcast customers, and is incorporated into Baron Threat Net.

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