DuPont Sustainable Solutions has launched a new training series, Environment Matters, which presents straight-forward overviews of major environmental regulations.

“The format of Environment Matters is based on the success of our Safety Matters series,” said Chris Scaglione, Product Manager, Learning & Development, DuPont Sustainable Solutions. “Safety Matters discusses core safety topics in 10 minutes or less. This innovative approach was created to help organizations meet the demands of the changing workplace. Our goal was to provide concise training without sacrificing quality, and we were pleased with the reception of Safety Matters. We’re now bringing its proven approach to training on environmental protection.”

The Environment Matters series consists of five programs:

Environment Matters: Environmental Awareness discusses several laws that cover the EPA’s four main focus areas – air quality, water quality, waste materials and emergency planning, chemical safety and use – and shows why each is important to human health and the environment. The program covers eight regulations, including CERCLA, EPCRA, TSCA and FIFRA.

Environment Matters: RCRA – Small Quantity Generator explains how the EPA’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) applies to the operations of Small Quantity Generators. It delivers an overview of the requirements for the safe handling of hazardous waste, from production to disposal.

Environment Matters: Stormwater Runoff describes what stormwater runoff is and the serious problems it creates. It provides best management practices (BMPs) and standard operating procedures (SOPs) that facilities and individuals can implement to help manage this issue.

Environment Matters: RCRA – Large Quantity Generators examines how the EPA’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) covers the operations of Large Quantity Generators. It delivers an overview of the provisions for the safe handling of hazardous waste, from production to disposal.

Environment Matters: SPCC discusses the major parts of the SPCC regulation and identifies safe work practices to help minimize the risk of an oil spill. It outlines the three major components of the formal written plan, and shows how organizations can prevent, manage and respond to oil spills.

The programs run between 8 to 13 minutes and add flexibility to content delivery, introducing new hires to environmental laws while also providing refresher training for veteran employees. Formats available include DVD, USB and e-learning. Bite-sized microlearning courses on these topics are also available.

Visit for free online previews of these programs. Additional information is available by calling 800-861-2221 or emailing

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