California OSHA issued four citations and $63,560 in penalties to Mercer-Fraser Co. after a worker driving a truck collided with a front end loader and suffered a serious head injury. Inspectors determined that the company failed to require seat belt use, develop and implement safe practices for workers operating haul trucks, and ensure that trucks were operated at safe speeds.


Highlands Behavioral Healthcare System was cited for failing to implement adequate safety measures to protect staff from workplace violence. Inspectors found multiple documented incidents of worker injuries from violent acts at the psychiatric treatment facility. The company faces penalties of $11,934.


Iowa OSHA issued nine citations and $47,513 in penalties to American Pop Corn Co. for failing to train workers, ensure that proper lockout/tagout procedures were followed, use machine guarding, and develop and implement safe confined space procedures.


Heritage Plastics, Inc., was cited for lockout/tagout violations after a worker's fingers were amputated while operating a mixing machine. The company was also cited for failing to install machine guarding and train workers on procedures to prevent the release of hazardous energy. OSHA initiated an inspection as part of the agency's Regional Emphasis Program on Amputations. Proposed penalties total $159,118.

New Hampshire

OSHA cited furniture manufacturer DCI, Inc., after a worker suffered serious injuries from being pulled into a woodcutting machine. The furniture manufacturer faces $378,488 in penalties for 37 violations of workplace safety and health standards. Inspectors found that a supervisor had disabled a light curtain on the machine, preventing the machine from stopping when an individual comes too close to its point of operation.


Navy Contractors, Inc., faces $603,850 in fines after inspectors observed workers at three jobsites performing framing work without fall protection. The framing contractor was cited for failing to provide fall protection equipment and training, improper use of ladders, deficiencies in walking-working surfaces, and inadequate fire protection. The general contractor, Storm Guard of Ches-Mont, Inc., was also cited for failing to provide fall protection.

Brutus Construction, Inc., was cited for exposing workers to fall and other safety hazards after an inspector observed workers performing roofing activities without fall protection. Proposed penalties total $181,699. OSHA has previously cited the company for similar hazards.