Alaska cites seafood company after workers suffer serious injuries

The Alaska Occupational Safety and Health Division issued 14 citations and $270,723 in penalties to Trident Seafood Corporation after two workers were seriously injured by unguarded machinery. Inspectors found that the company failed to provide machine guarding on augers, conveyors, sprocket wheels, and chains, and did not de-energize and lockout machines before servicing.

California fines aircraft engine manufacturer following worker injury

California OSHA issued three citations and $51,185 in penalties to Carlton Forge Works when a worker suffered injuries after becoming pinned between a saw table and a work piece. Inspectors concluded that the company failed to identify the boundaries of crane hazard areas and unsafe working conditions created by loads suspended by overhead cranes. The company was also cited for failing to provide training to crane operators on how to recognize struck-by and pinch/crush hazards.

Kansas aircraft manufacturer exposed workers to known carcinogen

OSHA cited Spirit Aerosystems, Inc., for exposing workers to carcinogen hazards. The company faces penalties of $193,218 for two repeated and four serious violations. Citations included failing to implement feasible engineering controls to limit worker exposure to the known carcinogen hexavalent chromium, conduct periodic monitoring of worker exposure, and establish protocols to ensure that workers remove contaminated personal protective equipment and clothing before leaving the work area.

Texas Meat-Packing plant cited for exposing workers to hazardous chemicals

Texas Packing Company was cited for exposing workers to hazardous chemicals. The company faces $615,640 in penalties. Inspectors determined that the facility failed to implement a required Process Safety Management program, provide fall protection, guard machines and equipment, control hazardous energy, and implement a respiratory protection program.