Welcome to ISHN’s second volume of feature articles and sponsored content relating to workplace hand protection. Safety and health professionals in every industry will benefit from the latest updates and innovations in work gloves. Think about it. Almost everyone uses their hands on the job, especially in manufacturing and construction.

Here a just a few “hands on” disciplines: Maintenance technician, nurse, dentist, physician, plant inspector, machinist, mechanic, heavy equipment operator, plumber, electrician, plant inspector – and yes, safety and health officers.

Injuries to hands – cut, lacerations, abrasions, punctures, chemical burns, thermal burns and skin absorption of harmful substances are all too common and many times life-altering. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that hand injuries send more than one million workers to the emergency room each year. About 30,000 people, both kids and adults, are rushed to U.S. emergency rooms each year because they’ve amputated a finger.

We take for granted all the ways we use our hands: to grasp, lift, feel, touch, grip, type, eat, exercise, play sports, and many times make a living. Lose a finger, a few fingers, or a hand and life is never the same.

According to the BLS, 70 percent of workers who experienced hand injuries were not wearing gloves. And the remaining 30 percent of injured workers that did wear gloves experienced injuries because the gloves were inadequate, damaged or the wrong type for the type of hazard present.

Articles in this eBook cover the following:

  • Four essential features Select gloves that protect & offer comfort, usability & improved productivity
  • A cut above Clearing up misconceptions about cut-resistant gloves
  • When hands go cold and clumsy How to identify a true winter work glove
  • ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 American National Standard for Hand Protection Classification
  • Making the cut What you should know about new ANSI/ISEA glove standards
  • Safety at hand Hand injuries can restrict movement, cause serious damage
  • Shedding fibers a cause for concern Cut-resistant sleeves evaluated for respiratory hazards
  • Beyond glove performance Instruction & training should be standard procedure
  • Evaluate your hand protection needs Assess hazards, worker likes & dislikes & current usage

Gloves as a “business enabler” Keep employees on the job, productive & motivated ISHN thanks all the subject-matter experts who contributed articles and the contributions of ISHN’s Hand Protection eBook Volume Two sponsors. This eBook is a valuable asset to assess safety and health hand protection hazards, technologies and solutions.

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