Honeywell today announced the rollout of the Honeywell Miller Turbolite™ Flash Personal Fall Limiter, an innovative, versatile, self-retracting lifeline (SRL) that helps protect at-height workers against hazards in electrical utility, arc flash, and hot work applications. 

Every 30 minutes a worker is seriously injured by an electrical accident requiring time off from work to recover, according to the Electrical Safety Institute. Arc flash incidents can occur when high-amperage currents travel or arc through the air between conductors with high-voltage differences. The effect is an instant blast of tremendous energy and temperatures reaching as high as 35,000°F, four times hotter than the sun.

Designed specifically for those who work at height and are exposed to arc flash, welding and other combustible dangers, the Miller TurboLite Flash Personal Fall Limiter is available in three configurations: for bucket trucks, aerial lifts, and standard platforms.  A range of lengths, tieback options, swivel connectors and single/twin versions provide application flexibility and encourage worker mobility.

“Workers at height that go from welding to electrical work now have a better option: they can standardize their work requirements with a single SRL that’s suitable for arc flash and other high heat applications while also offering the minimized fall clearance requirements,” said Leah Shook, product manager, Honeywell Industrial Safety. “The Turbolite Flash provides companies with a nice upgrade from a lanyard to a multifaceted SRL, and it allows them to save money on their fall protection inventory and lower compliance costs.” 

Along with product versatility, workers and companies can benefit from these special features:

Durable, Rugged Performance - Kevlar/Nomex webbing withstands arc flash testing of 40cal/cm2 as well as weld splatter and contact with high heat surfaces. Supports a 420-lb. user in all connections down to foot level tie-off.

Integral Shock Absorber - provides protection where foot level tie-off is required. Flame-resistant cover protects the shock absorber and product labels.

High-Impact Resistant Housing - corrosion-resistant internal components, tough, durable  housing and webbing provide long-lasting performance, extending the product’s service life and lowering the cost of ownership.

Comfortable Work Experience – small, lightweight product along with swivel connectors allow for excellent maneuverability in any working environment.

RFID Equipped - ultra-high frequency RFID enables efficient asset and inspection tracking and inventory management.

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