Date: September 19, 2019
Time: 11AM PT/ 1PM CT/ 2PM ET
Presenter: Colin Duncan, Managing Director, Center of Visual Expertise (COVE)

Leaders may not be at the “front line of safety,” but they must have an ability to “see safety” - to understand how visual bias impacts safety programs and how those biases influence not only their operating staff, but also themselves. 

By understanding their own visual literacy gaps, and those of others, leaders can develop a higher degree of empathy for the reality of getting work done safely. They can put themselves ”in the eyes of the worker” and learn how every day safety and production activity can be impacted by gaps in visual acuity. Leaders can also learn how visual literacy gaps can impact their own safety performance in key activities such as incident investigation; the prioritization, planning and execution of corrective actions; safety observations; and even how they look at and assess safety data.

Learning Objectives: 
• On a personal level understand why Visual Literacy is important as a leader
• Describe a process that helps leaders “get in the eyes of the worker” and learn how every day safety activities can be impacted by gaps is visual acuity
• Learn insights into how visual acuity keeps us safe 24/7

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