KITV4 received an anonymous tip, an official letter from the state of Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health to MPD, alerting MPD of a reported safety hazard.

The letter states that MPD is allegedly in violation of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's respiratory protection program policy.

Part 1910 134 C states employers must implement a respiratory protection program and specify when a respirator should be used. 

The alleged safety hazard is written in the letter:

"There was no respiratory protection program established and implemented to protect emergency responders while carrying out their duties such as responding to wildfires. No respiratory protection was provided to the responding officers."

The tip given to KITV alleges that none of the MPD officers were given respirators in their response duties to the recent fires -- directing traffic, closing roadways, assisting home evacuations. The Maui Police Department was unable to comment today.

The Honolulu Police Department’s Respiratory protection program is outlined on their website -- the Maui Police Department does not have that document readily available on theirs. 

HIOSH sent the official letter to MPD on July 23 -- stating that MPD had until July 30th to conduct an internal investigation -- but HIOSH can still conduct its own investigation. 

Source:   KITV 4 ABC Island News