Product InnovationsCurrently a large number of staff working on the infrastructure are at risk from injury by not wearing hand or eye protection. To further reduce the incidence of accidents and injury, the introduction of a mandated policy for both hand and eye protection will be developed concurrently.

Original investigations included workshops with representatives of contractors and Network Rail and based on the outcome of this work, two proposal papers have been submitted to PSLG, one for hand protection to be trialed within the Construction organisation and the other for eye protection to be trialed in the Construction organisation, with an objective of introducing a mandated policy for hand protection and eye protection at the earliest opportunity.

The aim of both projects is to reduce accidents/incidents to worksite staff by the implementation of a mandated wearing of hand protection and eye protection.

This project will deliver:

  • A mandating implementation programme for hand and eye protection with the Construction Renewals organisation 
  • An agreed policy for the mandating of hand and eye protection across the remaining industry, involving stakeholder review and changes to current standards and procedures 
  • Produce supporting documentation to support the implementation programme: e.g. leaflets showing the selection process for the types of gloves and eye protection to be worn 
  • Development of a measurement process for demonstrating the success of the use of hand and eye protection

SOURCE: Network Rail (United Kingdom)