ENMET is excited to have our new AirGuard portable breathing air system on display at Best Practices 2019 Expo. This next generation breathing air monitor has a large external digital color display, audio alarm, and a data logger for OSHA compliance record keeping. AirGuard combines a three-stage filter system with Carbon Monoxide, differential Dew Point and CFM flow sensors for both safety and breathing air comfort.  Please plan to stop by and speak to one of ENMET's knowledgeable team members and learn about the innovative technology of the AirGuard, or contact our ENMET Sales Team today!

AirGuard Portable Breathing Air Monitors

  • Meets OSHA Grade D breathing air
  • CO and differential dew point sensors
  • Respiratory CFM and sensor flow alarms
  • Datalog - OSHA compliance records  

Check out Best Practices 2019 Expo website for more information.