BCSP has expanded the eligibility requirements for the Safety Trained Supervisor® (STS®) and Safety Trained Supervisor Construction® (STSC®) certifications.

Beginning today, the STS and STSC requirements will include education, training, and apprenticeships as alternatives to the certifications' experience requirements.

Under the new criteria, applicants may now apply for the STS or STSC with an associate degree in occupational safety, risk management, or construction management. Completion of a two-year trade or union training program or apprenticeship is also recognized.

The new requirements for the STS and STSC, in full, are 30 hours of safety, health, and environmental training and one of the following: two years supervisory experience; OR four years work experience; OR an associate degree or higher in occupational safety, risk management, or construction management; OR completion of a two-year trade or union training program or apprenticeship.

The change comes in an effort to provide a pathway for graduates who may not yet have the work experience, but who possess the comprehensive knowledge required to demonstrate proper safety work practices.

Applicants will receive an application fee waiver if they apply within the first three months of completing their degree or apprenticeship.

More information can be found on the BCSP website under the Certifications tab at bcsp.org.

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