The Board of Certified Safety Professionals® (BCSP®) and YellowBird Holdings, Inc. will use their collaborative efforts, expertise, technologies, and resources to streamline YellowBird's on-boarding processes, benefiting BCSP credential holders.

BCSP credential holders are recognized for the achievement of certifications and designations in the safety, health, and environmental (SH&E) profession. The YellowBird network recognizes the importance of certification. YellowBird connects those who would like to hire safety practitioners with those who are seeking new opportunities as SH&E professionals.

Professionals and companies register with YellowBird at

"In these uncertain times, a faster hiring process helps BCSP credential holders professionally as they build their experience," says J.A. Rodriguez Jr., CSP, ASP; BCSP Chief Strategy Officer.

"By integrating our networks, BCSP and YellowBird better serve certified safety professionals, the companies who seek them, and all who value safety," says Michael Zalle, CEO and Founder of YellowBird.

Ultimately, connecting BCSP credential holders with employers both expands SH&E career opportunities and makes it easier to ensure safe workplaces.