8710 ePOD™ Indoor/Outdoor Tempered Shower And Eye/Face

Category: Showers & eyewash stations

8710 ePOD™ Indoor/Outdoor Tempered Shower And Eye/Face Wash System (the ePOD) is an exemplar of job site emergency preparedness and response solutions. Designed with a customer-centric approach, the ePOD takes into consideration the user’s behavioral responses in a time of extreme need, as well as the environmental challenges and variables jobsite locations might provide. The ePOD mitigates incidental exposure in the most challenging worksite environments, providing a safe and effective simultaneous drench shower and face/eyewash. And all parts are serviceable from one side and maintenance doesn’t require permits nor scaffolding--a bonus when dealing with difficult locations.

HAWS Company

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SAFER One™ Dynamic Plume Modeling Software

Category: Hazmat response

When a chemical release threatens your people, plant, and community, turn to SAFER One™. SAFER One is dynamic plume modeling software that uses on-site gas and weather sensors to give you the real-time information you need to pinpoint the source, stop the leak, communicate effectively, and improve reporting.

Industrial Scientific Corp.

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